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Arfa Malik’s clothing is undeniably a fashionable statement for all to behold—bold, captivating, elegant, daring and modern yet founded upon deep-set Asian roots. Arfa Malik, creator of her namesake brand, embodies these qualities and more.

Arfa Malik is the founder of one of the most up-and-coming fashion brands to brace the global Asian community. 

A firm believer that any person anywhere can look elegant given the right clothing, Arfa sought to create an international fashion brand that captures the hearts and souls of all who wear it, and the eyes of all those who see it. Despite her early professional career in the legal sector following her degree with honours in Law from the University of Leeds, Arfa saw the fashion industry as her natural calling given her lifelong fascination with designing stylish clothing.

Despite still being a relatively new brand. Starting in mid-2021 with a collection of high-end bridal dresses, Arfa quickly launched her brand ‘Arfa Malik’ - her own label featuring premium couture that is a modern innovation of celebrated timeless Pakistani clothing. She has since developed into large collections of further bridal dresses, formalwear and menswear. Her collections incorporate her signature feature of glistening embellishments and a tasteful eye for detail as a means of creating elegant looks that have ever since captured Asian designer fashion.

With a team of delicate-handed designers in Lahore and a group of fitters and tailors in her boutique in Manchester, Arfa’s growingly popular brand has been modelled by some of the industry’s best including celebrities such as Sarah Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Kubra Khan, Ali Rehman, Faryal Makhdoom, Hira Mani, Ayesha Omer and Hania Amir.

Arfa Malik’s brand philosophy is centred around values of high-end fashion, bespoke design and exceptional quality that allows for truly unique creative expression. Sharing her love for her Pakistani heritage while embracing her British foundations, Arfa Malik clothing embodies tasteful design, timeless aesthetics and authentic styling.